If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.” 

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"For one thing, it was sad to see the character go, we loved the character. But it was also sad to see Susanna go.” But if anything, the dramatic farewell also stands as an example of Thompson’s exceptional talent, as Guggenheim points out that arguably the most heart-wrenching line in Thompson’s final scene — when she looked to her daughter (Willa Holland) and told her to “close her eyes” — was entirely improvised. “Wasn’t in the script,” Guggenheim says. “[That was] Susanna’s idea on the day. It gutted me. I flew up [to Vancouver, where the show films] just for that one scene, and that was something that Susanna, as we were rehearsing that scene, had the instinct to do. I loved it so much."

- 'Arrow': What You Didn’t Know About [Moira Queen’s] Death (x)

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TVF: I’m sure all those scenes were tough for you to shoot but was there a difference in that flashback because it really showed the emotional connection you were having with Oliver?

ST: I’m telling you, it was to me, I think, and I think that Stephen would say the same thing. It was a very gratified, satisfying way to end with Moira. To really go in to her love and her ease with Oliver. The two of them really get each other and you see that in a flashback. And for Stephen and I to be able to go there as actors in those scenes was really, to me, very satisfying and, at times emotional.

The last scene where he tells her that Sandra lost the baby. In the flashback, the ‘my beautiful boy’ line from the pilot. I mean, it’s a beautiful way that Marc wrote that in. And I already knew that when I read it. But it’s not until I was actually filming it did Stephen and I started to really feel the depth of that, because it takes you back to the pilot, the beginning of all this as actors, not only just the character stories but as actors, our developing of these characters, it takes you all the way back there.

But, as we were filming it, it hit me at one point. Like my cellular memories remembered in the pilot that I also gave him a kiss and I did that and it was almost like I had to really reel in the flood gates to get through the scene. And Stephen had his own emotional journey we couldn’t talk to each other in between takes on that final scene because we were going in these very, very different places, both very emotional.

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Hold on, 
What’s the rush? What’s the rush? 
We’re… not done away 
Cause I don’t need to change this… 
Atmosphere we made if you can stay one more hour 
Can you stay one more hour? 

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Goodbye, Moira Queen. You Will Be Missed.

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an end with no beginning - you aren’t mine. you never really were. that doesn’t change the fact that this hurts like hell.

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the west wing meme∞ seven characters [5/7]

  • Toby Ziegler
    “Can we walk faster please? I really don’t like being outdoors this long.”

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blaming it on the bossa nova

i never even knew we had a night club down here

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