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↳ “I wanna have a real college experience.”

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"Fletch lives" - 2x16/4x05

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[ Silver Lining ]


Rilo Kiley “Silver Lining

And the grass it was a ticking
And the sun was on the rise
I never felt so wicked
As when I willed our love to die
And I was your silver lining
As the story goes
I was your silver lining
But now I’m gold

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It will be interesting to watch Oliver feel the pinch of losing the love of his life. This might actually act as a trigger to make him more expressive about his feelings for his co-vigilante. 

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hahaa same on the packing thing my room looks like a warzone

i started out trying to be organized about this.

that has long since become a thing of the past. at this point i’m just hoping i remember to check off everything on all my lists.




Hello hello!

So I don’t think it’s a big secret that I’m heading to Comic Con tomorrow. I’ll check in from time to time, but I’m not sure exactly when that will be! After SDCC, I’m going to LA with a few of my friends and then I’m heading to NY for interviews.

I’ll be livetweeting some from my public account (@webofstars), which is probably the best way to get in touch with me while I’m gone unless you have my other contact info. Anyway, have an excellent two weeks, tumblr. I will see you when I see you!

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blaming it on the bossa nova

i never even knew we had a night club down here

PSA: Finals are over, but I'm still not taking prompts at the moment unless I ask for them.

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