blaming it on the bossa nova

i never even knew we had a night club down here

PSA: Finals are fast approaching. If I don't answer your message or reply promptly, that's why. I promise I'm not intentionally ignoring you. Also, I'm not taking prompts or AUs (unless I ask for them) until May 2nd.

Grac(i)e. Twenty-something. Law student. New Yorker currently displaced in GA. TV addict. Bookworm. Baseball fan. Writer. Musician. Amateur photographer. Science nerd. INFP. Ravenclaw. Martell. District 4.

Currently Into: The Mentalist, Arrow, Suits, Haven, Orphan Black, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Veep, The Americans, books.

Marathoning: House of Cards, Brooklyn 99.

You May Also Find: The West Wing, The X-Files, Farscape, Friday Night Lights, Friends, Firefly, Disney, Sports Night, The OC, NCIS, Justified, Leverage, Fringe, ER, Lost. Among many, many others.

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